Reflecting, part 1…

So here’s the thing… the first of my 14 check-in/review days passed by on Sunday and, while it was not pleasant, I did some serious reflecting. Not to mention, making decisions that things really do need to change in the short-term future.

At the beginning of the year (or just prior to it), I set out some goals… 14 of them in fact… to work to achieve in 2014. Here’s the synopsis of where I am:

    • Walk, elliptical, (maybe) run, or bike a combined 1,400 miles.

{update: 1/28/14} I haven’t started any of this as of yet. Boo to me.

    • Do 14,000 squats.

{update: 1/28/14} A couple of days I did try… and I think I have about 30 done.

    • Do 14,000 crunches.

{update: 1/28/14} I should really do some of these tonight. Yup. As of now? ZERO.

    • Try 14 new, healthy recipes.

{update: 1/28/14} This will probably happen later in the year.

    • Write 140,000 words to develop my fiction writing further.

{update: 1/28/14} Yup. A LOT behind on this too. So far, somewhere around 1,000 words… but not many of them are dedicated fiction.

    • Publish an average of 14 blog posts per month.

{update: 1/28/14} Well, including this one, I have 2. Which means I’ll need to step up my efforts February on.

{update: 1/28/14} I can’t even say that I’ve LOOKED at my Pinterest boards much in the last month. So no. Nothing new completed here yet.

{update: 1/28/14} I really have to get working on this if I’m going to make this happen in January. 3 days to go!

{update: 1/28/14} Nothing here either. Although upon looking at my list, I think I want to attempt some of these in the next couple of months. 

    • Give away 140 items.

{update: 1/28/14} So far 0. But I think when I have time to go through boxes that are in my storage unit, I’ll be able to find a few items. :)

    • Treat myself to 14 “Julie” days to pamper myself. (hair/mani’s/pedi’s)

{update: 1/28/14} I can’t say I did this either. I really do need to get a manicure soon… my nails deserve it. ;)

    • Take a daily selfie.

{update: 1/28/14} I started out strong with this one… and then stopped. As of tomorrow, this is starting again. 

    • Spend 14 days (or partial days/nights) with my nephews.

{update: 1/28/14} I took my oldest nephew to Build-A-Bear for his 4th birthday last week. We had an AWESOME time… here he is with his “SuperBear”.


{update: 1/28/14} I started Gifts of Imperfection. I’m trying to do a LifeClass with Brene Brown through right now… so in theory, I should be done with this book by the time the class is done. 

There it is. Now if only I had put on my list to complain 140 times about the snow that has been falling (we’ve had 55″ thus far in January… 100″ for the season now) or that I would watch 140 television episodes for the year… I would have a lot more to report back on.

Until next time!


  1. This list is lofty – but many of your goals are mine as well. You can do this, I can do this. Let’s do it!
    designhermomma recently posted..It’s just a tripMy Profile

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. That’s a lot to accomplish in a year AND live a quality life.
    1400 miles is a shit ton of distance, for example. That’s over 116 miles per month! Or more than 29 miles per week.
    DarleneMAM recently posted..Volunteering: Are You Really “Too Busy?”My Profile

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