And finally a #BlissDom re-cap…

I can’t believe how quickly it all went again this year. It seems like we prepare FOREVER (when in reality it’s only a few short months) and then the weekend flies by so quickly. But it’s all worth it for the hugs, laughter, tears, friendships reinforced, dancing, music and lessons learned along the way.

I was so blessed to see so many friends again this year – as well as meet new friends (and get pictures with many of them…)

Top Left: Cecily ; Top Right: Shannon ; Middle Left: Shell & Ashley ; Middle Right: Leah & baby Bookieboo ; Bottom Left: Erin & Alycia ; Bottom Right: Anissa

Top Left: Amanda ; Top Right: Nicole {who has *the* best accent!} ; Middle Left: Natalie ; Middle Right: Gigi ; Bottom Left: Sili ; Bottom Right: My favorite bartender… Joseph.

A few people I wish I had gotten pictures with, but didn’t for some reason (so much happening)… Jen, Natalie, Deborah, Jenna, Beth, Alicia… and I’m sure so many more.

On Friday night, in celebration of their 5th year of Bliss, the BlissChicks announced that we would be treated to a concert by Joe Jonas and Rascal Flatts!! (Rascal Flatts are top right, the Jonas kid on the middle right.) Well, because of Joe Jonas’ social media presence… and because BlissDom is ever so awesome, later that night (yes, around 12:45am), BlissDom & Joe Jonas were still a hot topic trending on twitter! How cool is that! :) (Left picture)

Then there was the moment that the song that last year’s FlashMob was performed to – and the 25 or so of those that were attending BlissDom again this year (and had been in the FlashMob the year before) – performed their routine again. And while they were doing that? Alli was on the floor taking video of it. So I decided to get this gem of a picture of her! :) 

Chris Mann performed for BlissDom again this year – and it was lovely as ever. Seriously… go check out his music if you haven’t yet. This was my 2nd year meeting him and I couldn’t believe that he remembered me from last year. (And here I keep thinking of myself as forgettable.) Erin also got her picture taken with him… and was an instantaneous fan after. :) 

There were evenings filled with fun times… like putting our fortunes on our heads…

Oh wait? You can’t read that? It says “You have found your Bliss” (and our personal addition… “with Chris Mann”)

Sometimes you need to put a little bacon on your boob…

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of doing the Cupid Shuffle…

And sometimes you have to have a little fun… Austin Powers style… as Kristi was sharing with me on Saturday night!

It wasn’t all fun and games… we went to sessions too. My favorites were the writing ones – even though at times it felt more like an intense therapy session… which I wasn’t quite prepared for. :)

Anna Lefler was one of the speakers…

…and she provided this gem to help us remember to always edit our work.

Three short days into the trip, most of us were already turning around to head home. The conference over.

But it was so much fun. :)

My roomies this year were amazing… I loved getting to know them a little bit more. Thanks to Fadra (pictured above with me as we were about to leave the hotel), Jen & Beth!!


Now as I sit here writing this… I miss my friends. I miss seeing the people who inspire me. I miss feeling like me and alive.

But I’m so lucky to have been able to go to BlissDom. While it wasn’t anything like last year (both in good and bad ways) – I totally loved it and can’t wait for next year. Thank you to Alli, Barbara, Paula, and all of the BlissChicks for making BlissDom what it is. You all are amazing and I can’t imagine my life without all of this Bliss in it. :)

I can’t wait until next year!


  1. It was so amazing to meet you after years of tweeting back and forth :)
    gigi recently posted..I Have a DreamMy Profile

  2. It was nice to hang out with you for a bit on Saturday night!
    Jessica recently posted..Proving Myself WrongMy Profile

  3. It was so much fun. Very different than last year, but so much fun.

    I’m *almost* recovered.
    Shell recently posted..Crafts for the Uncrafty MomMy Profile

  4. I so wish that I was able to go and join in all the fun. Maybe next year! I do love seeing all the pictures and reading the recap posts!!
    Jackie recently posted..Monday Menu ~ Meatballs with Mac & CheeseMy Profile

  5. You made me laugh!!! I love every second we got to spend together and you need to send me a copy of that picture of us together.

    Anissa Mayhew (@AnissaMayhew) recently posted..High School OrientationMy Profile

  6. I’m still bumming that we didn’t get a picture together. It all went by so fast.
    Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Creamy Chicken Bacon ChowderMy Profile

  7. Next time I want to party with you!

  8. I loved getting to spend more time with you this year, and thank you so much for the mention! I was surprised we didnt get a picture too, how did that happen? Your recap is wonderful, and brings back a lot of fun memories. I didn’t realize YOU were behind the “add with Chris Mann” to the end of your fortune idea!! It’s brilliant of course!
    Frelle recently posted..100 Word Song: A Letter From CaeraMy Profile

  9. I swear next year, I’m dedicating the first day to JUST taking pictures with my favorite people.
    Natalie recently posted..Motherhood Monday: What’s wrong with Daddy?My Profile

  10. Aw, so many neat people.

    Looks awesome, xo.

  11. It was so, so fun!! I’m so glad I got to hug you and can’t wait for next year :)
    Natalie recently posted..Beaches Vs. Disney Family Vacations: Which Should We Choose?My Profile

  12. i miss you! love all these pics, esp of Chris Mann and of the fortune foreheads.

    erin margolin recently posted..What I’m Afraid of.My Profile

  13. My son looked at all the pictures in this post and his only comment was, “Mommy, you look prettier in that picture.”

    Confession: I don’t always do my hair and makeup.

    Thanks for letting me be the newbie roomie 😉
    Fadra recently posted..A Dream Test Drive ExperienceMy Profile

  14. I’m glad you went to BlissDom b/c I got to see you and talk to you in real life again!
    Sara at Saving For Someday recently posted..Safeway Deals 3/7-3/13My Profile

  15. It was so great meeting you! I love the photos!

    Hope to see you again soon and take care…


    Anna Lefler recently posted..Frankenwhat?My Profile

  16. I liked this year more than last – but last year was my first evah conference.
    I have a great pic of us last year .. .and a couple from this … going to stick them on your FB wall!
    By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Broken – Wordy Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  17. I am so happy that FINALLY I got to hug you in real life!!! :) and the open house invitation to sleep on my couch is still good!!

    Shash recently posted..How NOT to take a picture with a celebrity!My Profile

  18. haha! You can tell how tired I am in that picture LOL It was so great seeing you again and I loved all your pictures! :)
    Kristi @ Creative Kristi recently posted..Freebie Friday | {Motivational Desktop Wallpaper}My Profile

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