#PinterestChallenge: Week 23…

Over the last 15 or so weeks, I’ve been doing various things from my Pinterest boards… and just haven’t posted them yet. So this week (and likely next week) you’re going to see a number of things posted. Kinda scary how many posts I have in drafts right now that deal with the #PinterestChallenge. :)

Are you liking the challenge so far? Are you doing more things from your boards?

Here’s the linky for all your Pinterest project posts this week!

Have you followed these people on Pinterest yet? They are pinning great items! :)

Do you have any questions? Check out my Pinterest FAQ page or email me (dutchbeingme@gmail.com) for anything!


  1. Ive been doing so much from pinterest that I’m thinking about doing a 365 days of pinterest for my blog! Totally obsessed

  2. Just linked up for the first time!! :) Working on several other projects and hope to link up often with you.
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