Top Ten Tuesday: Highlights of #BlissDom…

I’ve been so behind and overwhelmed after BlissDom in the last week or so that I have let my blogging habits slip a little bit… and have yet to get even a few of the highlights of the conference up to show you. So today I’m playing along with OhAmanda (another BlissDom attendee… but unfortunately I don’t think I got to meet her!) and her Top Ten Tuesdays. :)

The top 10 picture highlights from BlissDom

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Having bling and a purse all in one.

031For more information about Pursey and what she’s raising money for: Project Purse and Boots

Looking for bread.

024 with Kelly

Being at the *beautiful* Opryland Hotel

Listening to Brene Brown speak… and then being able to chat with her.

Getting to meet a television star

Melissa Peterman of Working Class

Learning from AMAZING and talented writers.

One of my favorite panels was done by Cecily, Arianne and Heather

Meeting Scott Stratton. Hearing his closing keynote. Getting a copy of his book signed. Wow.

Hanging with Chris Mann
052(p.s. if I had known who he was when I initially met him, I might have not been such a dork.) :)

Karaoke. Baby Got Back. #awesome
045Leah, Jim Lin & Becky

Meeting friends. New and old. Love love love them all.

So there it is…

Do you have a BlissDom highlight that’s not included in my top 10?


  1. The lobster bisque & endless supply of Blue Bunny ice cream snacks were definite highlights.

    And that writing workshop was the highlight of my conference. I’m so glad I went to it.

  2. Aaaaah! I miss Blissdom.

  3. every single bit of it 😉

    highlight — tweeting at someone in a hat and trying to find her in a panel 😉 LOL

  4. Aw, thanks for including our panel. I’m all flattered and stuff. Truly.

    And WOW, you met so many great people. So much fun.
    I’m glad I got to meet YOU.

  5. Hey can I get a copy of that last picture of us? I will be using it to be up to no good…

    Scott and Brene were amazing.

    As was seeing your smiling face.

  6. Jenn @ South of Sheridan says:

    Melissa Peterman was there? Oh I love her! I really need to go to more blogging conferences.

  7. Such great pics and I just love the one of you and Brene. She was SO inspiring! It was great to meet you and hopefully we’ll get to see each other again!! :)

  8. I miss you—and yes, that writing panel KICKED ASS!
    all of your photos are wonderful. I especially loved the scarf brigade.


  9. Oh so many highlights to choose from! It was absolutely amazing to meet you and I so look forward to seeing you again. It was wonderful and I loved it all!

  10. Such a great list post…totally makes me want to go to Blissdom next year! :-)

    Stopping by from #sitsgirls31dbbb!

  11. I’m so happy I look like a total lunatic! It makes it that much more fun!

    SO great meeting you!

  12. That was my favorite panel – the one with Cecily, Heather and Arianne. They were awesome.

    I loved meeting you. :) Great recap!

  13. looks like you had a wonderful time… did you happen to see a guy named Nate from “it starts with us” i think thats the name of his site?
    shelley “the hostess”
    ps are you going to blogher? have you ever been?

  14. Oh she looks so lovely with you!

    I’m glad you had such a good time. You were the perfect date for PG!

    And lobster bisque??? envyenvyenvy

  15. Dang! You got your pic with everyone! I’m bummed I didn’t get a book/pic w/Scott Stratten. He was amazing.

    Thanks for linking up–I felt the same way–unable to blog after Blissdom. Ironic.


  16. loved meeting you and learning that you have a real name :) hope to see you again before the next blissdom!

  17. I loved finally getting to meet you at Blissdom! I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture together. But I love the pics you did get. (((HUGS))) to you my friend!

  18. getting to know YOU!!!

  19. Stephanie @ the blue zoo says:

    Aw, I miss Blissdom too. It was so much fun. Scott stratten was just awesome.

  20. Firstly I just read Oh Amanda’s comment as ‘bootypic with Scott’ oops.
    Great pics, hard to believe after counting the days for it to get here – thats its now already been and gone.
    Guess we will have to start the countdown to the next conference instead 😉

  21. I loved how every time you saw me, you made sure I was where I was supposed to be, and you were so awesome about introducing me to everyone!! You were so sweet!

    (And also? Look at YOU getting a picture with everyone!)

  22. So glad you had an amazing time!!!!

  23. I love looking at everyone’s pictures from Blissdom! It’s great and I can’t imagine one person not having a good time there!

  24. I love seeing all the blissdom recaps. I must make it to one of these!!! Looks as though you had a great time and met many fabulous bloggers/speakers :)

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