101 things that make me happy…

I had so many dreams for 2010… and so many things that didn’t happen. But I’ve come to realize a few {ok, many} things about myself in the past year.

  • I didn’t run a 25k. {But am trying again in 2011.}
  • I still live in my condo {and have not sold it yet… but maybe I’ll try again.}
  • I haven’t read the entire Bible yet. {Hoping to join in – and complete it this time – with Mom’s Toolbox starting in just a couple of days.}
  • I went on zero dates. {Not proud about admitting this. And really have nothing to add here… except that maybe I should give up dating as a whole. kidding. kind of.} 😉

Then a few months ago, I found that I really wasn’t happy with a lot of things in my life. I was in pain… to the point where I felt almost emotionless. So in this, I’ve been working through many things in my life and am learning what it really means to have joy in my life… as well as finding small things that bring me happiness as well.

So here goes nothing…

101 things that make me happy… or give me joy

  1. Falling asleep to the sound of rain outside.
  2. Downloading a fun new free app for my iPad.
  3. Meeting friends face to face that I know so well on twitter… and finding out that they are really cool in real life too.
  4. Watching my nephew smile at me. Genuinely.
  5. Learning something new about social media.
  6. Seeing a new place for the first time.
  7. Writing on my blog. Every.Single.Day.
  8. Getting a good idea to write about.
  9. Receiving a hug.
  10. Giving a hug.
  11. Inspiring someone through sharing my weight loss story.
  12. Taking a really good nap.
  13. Having hot cocoa from Starbucks.
  14. Opening my mailbox and finding *real* mail. {not bills or junk}
  15. Sending a letter that I’ve taken the time to write.
  16. Really getting to know a new friend.
  17. Getting a really long spa pedicure… oh, and a manicure too. :)
  18. Wearing a new piece of clothing.
  19. Being on the receiving end of a sincere compliment.
  20. Listening to a really funny joke.
  21. Daydreaming.
  22. Getting an unexpected phone call. A good one.
  23. Writing in the coffee shop on a quiet Saturday afternoon.
  24. Watching the stars.
  25. Taking a walk on the beach.
  26. Volunteering.
  27. Going out for ice cream.
  28. Watching my favorite sitcoms.
  29. Knowing all of my bills are paid.
  30. Having the entire house cleaned.
  31. Wasting hours in Barnes & Noble… and walking out with nothing except ideas.
  32. Reading a novel for the fun of it.
  33. Going on a road trip.
  34. Knowing I had a successful day on the Weight Watcher’s plan.
  35. Listening to the National Anthem.
  36. Having someone {voluntarily} pick me up at the airport after a trip.
  37. Attending a wedding.
  38. Painting.
  39. Finishing a book… and then wanting to read it again.
  40. Eating chocolate. But not too much of it. :)
  41. Sleeping on freshly washed sheets.
  42. {Even better} Sleeping on brand new sheets.
  43. {And even better} Sleeping in and not needing to hear an alarm clock.
  44. Watching a movie in the theater.
  45. Leaving work early per instructions from the boss.
  46. Having a lengthy conversation with a friend on twitter.
  47. Getting Re-Tweeted. 😉
  48. Being debt free. (Working back toward that in 2011!)
  49. Getting my hair cut and colored. Especially when it’s a new color.
  50. Reading news stories.
  51. Reading blogs. {Any and all blogs really}
  52. Going to a blog conference & meeting awesome people.
  53. Finding what I’m shopping for in the first 30 minutes… just so I don’t have to try things on for hours.
  54. Visualizing things I’d like to do.
  55. Driving for hours, either to a destination… or just for the fun of it.
  56. Seeing snow fall… knowing I don’t have to leave the house.
  57. Cooking a new dish.
  58. Coloring a picture with crayons.
  59. Watching the little kiddo’s sing in church.
  60. Seeing a landmark in person for the first time.
  61. Referencing an inside joke with someone.
  62. Flirting.
  63. {partially related} Feeling beautiful.
  64. Walking for hours at a time.
  65. Finding a new favorite Bible verse.
  66. Getting on an airplane.
  67. Feeling the touchdown landing of the airplane at a new destination.
  68. Watching a parade with little kids around to watch their excitement with it.
  69. Writing notes to friends… just to say hi. :) {Preferably actual written notes}
  70. Having a truly lazy day with absolutely nothing to do.
  71. Getting 80+ points on a word in “Words With Friends”.
  72. Voting.
  73. Drinking Diet Coke.
  74. Having the dishes done (and put away) before going to bed.
  75. Belting out my favorite songs at the top of my lungs. {And probably off key}
  76. Renting a movie for free… and realizing that it’s a great one after all.
  77. Watching a classic movie recommended by friends.
  78. Getting my way. {that might be a little selfish – but it’s my list.} 😉
  79. Shopping… er, dreaming… while walking through IKEA.
  80. Follow through with / complete a dream I’ve held.
  81. Now spending hours on Facebook when signing in “just to check things quick.”
  82. Knowing that someone still likes you despite being weird. Or crazy.
  83. Balancing my checkbook.
  84. Finishing a short story.
  85. Hearing a really good band in concert.
  86. Understanding context for movies or books referenced on my favorite television shows.
  87. Sitting on the beach with my toes in the warm sand.
  88. Getting dressed up for a night out.
  89. Falling asleep to the pitter patter of rain on the windows.
  90. Sleeping in on a rainy spring morning.
  91. The feeling after knowing that my home is cleaned and picked up just the way I like it to be. {Trust me, it’s a dream to get there right now…}
  92. Kickboxing.
  93. Passing a new level of #AngryBirds when I’ve been struggling with it for a while.
  94. Finding a new quote that speaks to me.
  95. Knowing I don’t have to pay anything in to the government at tax time.
  96. Or getting an unexpected return of my money from the government.
  97. Having a good cry.
  98. Finishing a difficult puzzle.
  99. Learning something new.
  100. Realizing I’m not alone going through life.
  101. Receiving comments on my blog. {Ok… that might be a not-so-subtle request, but it really does make me happy!}

The conclusion… I am blessed. I have great friends. I have a wonderful family. I am abundantly rich in experiences. And while I may want things to happen to me, I know that God has a plan for me… whatever that may be.

I think this is the best way to start out 2011.

…what about you? What makes you happy?


This post is helping me complete my goal of doing 101 Things in 1001 Days.


  1. Loved this post. I could copy and paste it to my blog. Loved every last happy thing!
    Thanks for some great ideas, and a great way to start my 2011 morning.

  2. I love your list, Julie. And I think we all need to take the time to make such a list.
    And then read it over and over again on the ‘sad’ days.
    Those ‘little things’ are really pretty big things.
    And yes, it is a great way to start 2011. Much happiness to you!
    And now, I will go take care of #47 on the list!

  3. This is a great way to kick off 2011! I loved your list and think mine would look rather similar. Even though 2010 didn’t turn out the way you thought it might, it sounds like some good has still come out of the unexpected. And if it makes you feel any better, it’s been more than 2 years since my last date. Slim pickings but I have hope- for both of us- that the right guy is out there. He just needs to get a move on it!

  4. You have an open invite to park @ my house and I’ll drive you to the airport antone, I only live 10 min away! Love your list by the way.

  5. Happy New Year! 😀 It sounds like you had a GREAT year, despite it being normally less than was hoped for. I don’t think any of us EVER do everything we hope to do… but if we shoot for the sun and reach the stars, we are far happier than we would have been had we reached for nothing and stayed “grounded.” Keep dreaming and setting goals; these are the things that make life wonderful… by and by! ;D
    Corine 😀

  6. With ya on the “Angry Birds” line! I just started playing it last week, and I can’t go a single day without working on it.

  7. I LOVE #52! That is something that makes me VERY happy :)

  8. What a great list to start the New Year with!!! Love it!

  9. I share so many of these! I think this was a great way of looking at your blessings…or looking at the “small things” as blessings. I hope you find lots of happiness in 2011!

  10. Fantastic list. Taking the time to write down 101 of the little things that make life beautiful is a great way to remember how truly blessed we are! (Now where do I find the time to write such a list of my own? lol)

  11. It’s got to be the small things to make us happy Julie. Life IS the small things.

    My top five of your 100 – because Lord knows we all love lists:
    1. hugs
    2. naps
    3. stars
    4. toes in warm sand
    5. quotes that speak

    And though it didn’t make your list “God has a plan”

    Blessings Julie.

  12. What a great list! What makes me happy? Seeing my kids reaction when they are super excited about something or when they just discover/figure something out. Priceless.

    Sleeping in late and coming down to coffee that my husband made ranks right up there though!

  13. I cannot believe I missed this earlier!! Love your list and you have inspired me to make one too – maybe not 101, but we will see! Definitely on the list is catching up with my blog reading because THAT makes me HAPPY – THANKS for making me smile!

  14. Just stopping by and had to say, love this post!
    What a hopeful, happy place to hang out. Maybe I’ll work on a list of my own…
    Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

  15. when I go for outing its make me feel happy

  16. I enjoy playing with my friend

  17. I randomly burst into tears a second ago and got really scared. im agnostic, but i still pray to god every night to keep everyone i love safe even if im not sure of his existence…and i feel guilty about my whole…everything ha.
    But i read this, and it made the horrible tears turn to happy tears and i love this and feel so much better! thank you!
    haha you helped me with my teen agnst! love this(:

  18. Thanks for the reminder of all those ideas.
    I love to sit outside on the patio with a glass of wine and watch the wind stir the trees and people walk their dogs.

  19. I just wanted to say I loved this! I found it while trying to think of things for my own “100 things that make me happy list”–I was writer’s blocked at 56 and I got ideas for another 15 or so, so thank you!

  20. zack galbreath says:

    I really needed this right now i just got awful news that hit me like a ton of bricks… i was about to sob uncontrollably and maybe even get “sick”…


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