Daily Habits…

One of my favorite blogs talks about changes that will make our lives (and the lives around us) much happier or easier. One post in particular that caught my eye was about incorporating 24 daily habits into your life. I already know that I do some of these, and that some would be tough for me to do, but I think I am going to highlight 5 here that I am going to work on to make a daily part of my life.

Get up Early
There are so many things that can be done when you get up early. I have wanted to get into yoga or pilates, and have dvd’s at home for them, but have only risen early enough in the AM to accomplish this a few times.

When I started this blog, my hopes were that I would make it a habit and blog each day. After less than 2 weeks, I am now hoping that I can write one each week. Maybe the brilliance will come to me while I am doing yoga.

Ping a friend
Whether it’s sending an e-mail or writing on someone’s Facebook wall, each day I will make contact with a friend. And additionally, maybe this will lead to fulfilling one of my goals for the year.

I hope my dentist doesn’t read this… but I don’t floss. I know that there are numerous health benefits from this, besides the healthy gums/teeth thing, but I have always had difficulty putting that little minty string in my mouth. Starting today, I will floss more regularly… maybe not daily – but hopefully soon the habit will stick.

Wind down
I am one of those people that just needs to sit and be before I can sleep. There are many of us out there. So now, after dinner, I will shut down my computer a little earlier and read a magazine, watch some mindless television, or maybe even do some yoga techniques that I learned that morning to relax and sleep. (Can you tell yet that I really want to learn some yoga?)


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